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Matter of mindset

Anil Kaushik

Designation : -   Chief Editor

Organization : -  Business Manager


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When it comes to organisation culture, it really becomes difficult to define and explain. It is complicated, generally misunderstood and hard to change. There are lot of writings on building the culture of organisation and moving on to excellence. Words cannot weave excellence. It is something like fragrance. You can feel it. It's presence in the environment of the organisation can be felt through demonstrative passion, attitude and mindset of employees while discharging their functions. Excellence is something more than perfection. Stakeholders, be it internal or the external, get delighted when enter in the zone of the organisation having culture of excellence.
It is a myth that talent alone can bring excellence in the culture of organisation. Talent also brings hidden arrogance. It is not necessary that talent is always embedded with mindset to excel. It is desire to excel in a person that makes him performing with excellence. It is something like that one is smoking addict and he has to stop and leave smoking.
Why efforts of bringing excellence in organisation culture failed many times are because of the fact that very few leaders of organisation purposely work on developing culture of excellence. They just kind of let it happen. You cannot handoff this sensitive matter to anyone. Making the changes that lead to excellence is not an overnight pursuit-it is cumbersome, psychologically tough and long process that often like redefining the DNA of organisation.
It is mistaken that   attractive workplaces, gala weekend parties and get together, outbound adventure training in the name of team building and motivation create workplace culture of excellence. None of these initiatives work if there is an element of disrespect, mistrust and achieving results by bulldozing the human dignity. What people prefer who have desire to excel  at workplace is authenticity, trust, transparency in dealings and commitment to employees growth and well being along with organisation's prosperity.
HR can contribute in this direction by recruiting the people having preference of mindset, passion and desire to excel along with talent. Managers at all levels who are only functional experts in their domain should also be developed as organisation development experts. It will make easy for the business leaders and HR to get the culture of excellence accepted at the root level.
June 2018 Cover story of this month is about knowing more tools that help in creating, developing and sustaining the culture of excellence in the workplace which is highly driven by digital technology and millennial. Top notch Industry experts and management thinkers are here to unwind the secrets of bringing excellence to organisation.

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