Article (May-2019)


Maths of Cash Flows

Sanwar Mishra

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Money begets money or money produces money or money generates money- is the central idea of engineering economy. How it does is the subject of this book. Tools and techniques used to take decisions for the business growth and sustainability are well focused. This book empowers with a crisp knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of cash flows and enables to analyze and develop appropriate models for undertaking and evaluating economic feasibility of engineering systems, start-ups projects and services.

Cash flows occur at different intervals of time and in varying magnitudes in a business. They are recorded with respect to time. This book focuses on the basics of financial evaluation of investment proposals. It covers the application techniques for appraising the investment alternatives with illustrations from current business situations of fund utilization.

This title perfectly fits the essential needs of students, teachers, professionals, consultants and practicing managers like a hand to the glove. To remain financially fit and prepared for incoming challenges in the financial matters of the business and also for pursuing a study of the fundamentals of engineering economy, this book serves with a powerful feed of the subject matter. Problems related to economic trends, development and financing of emerging technologies, products and services are resolved with a promise of a good return.