Article (October-2018)


Managing Labour Relations

Govindaraju NS

Designation : -   General Manager - Human Resources

Organization : -  KERN -LIEBERS (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd., Tumkur


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The subject of managing labour relations in industry is very complex. Understanding, feeling and practicing this highly sensitive relationship where conflicts are unpredictable, is the outcome of competency of HR professionals in this field. The competency and capability can be enhanced by reading authentic material/books on the subject. Though there may be uncounted pages available on the subject in virtual world, but finding practical solutions/strategies in times of strife on labour relations book is difficult, rather impossible.
Govindaraju has genuinely filled the gap by bringing out his book on managing labour relations. It is certain to find new dimensions of the labour relations when the book is written by a practicing manager who understands and practice the nuances of labour Relations. The author has honestly covered most of the topics of IR based on his practical exposure, ideas, thoughts and vision. The subject cannot be fully understood without related legal background, so the author has also given a brief of legal framework in the beginning.
Each chapter of the book makes you travel to the unaware destinations and compels readers to think on the subject from different perspective. The crux of the book lies in the chapters related to basics, strategies and techniques, use of collective bargaining, the role of different stakeholders in IR, preparedness and contingency plan, managing troubled intervals, the real and current challenges faced in IR environment and the approaches adopted to solve such issues.
The contents of the book are put in such a way that they provide appropriate flow to readers. The author has used examples in the book from his own treasure of experience and interactions with professionals thus completely unfolding the intricacies of the subject.
Every HR professional irrespective of his profile and position must read this book, if he really wants to get some genuine insights and enhance his competencies in IR.