Article (July-2019)


Managerial excellence

Subramanian Iyer

Designation : -   Senior Advisor

Organization : -  Employers Federation of India, Mumbai


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We all have been hearing the term "MANAGER" quite often and it generally denotes an individual who is in charge of various types of tasks and gets it done through his men who has the required competencies, skills and expertise to begin and complete it satisfactorily. Certain departments within the company designate the managers as line managers, while others are known as Staff Managers depending upon the function they discharge. There are various definitions of managers which I hear in workshops and seminars.
  • Manager is an individual who gets the job done through his people.
  • Manager is one who not only takes care of his people in his department but handles them in terms of their work, role, identity, conflict, decision making, team building.
  • A person who is responsible for managing the functions of the organization.
  • Someone who handles planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling.

According to me "Manager is one who handles his human resources productively in the right direction". Excellence literally means being outstanding or extremely good in terms of quality, delivery, pricing, timing, distribution, costing, efficiency, effectiveness and handling people management. Thus, what constitutes "Managerial Excellence?"

1. Managerial excellence literally means that the manager on rolls needs to know the intricacies of the business extremely well;

2. Managerial excellence quite often mean that he is a buffer in the midst of the top management and lower level employees; how craftily he percolates the vision of the top management to his/her employees;

3. Managerial excellence is not always about getting productive results single handed but taking the entire team of employees to chip in concretely for the results which the management is looking for;

4. Manager's excellence is not always about harnessing the skills and competencies of his mean but also inculcating critical human values (integrity, trust, commitment, engagement, responsibility) to make him a well rounded person;

5. Manager's excellence is not always about getting accolades for the tasks done by his/her team members but when things go wrong as sometimes it will; own responsibility completely;

6. Manager's excellence is not always about knowledge, skills, competencies but also bringing about a brilliant attitude amongst his/her people;

7. Management excellence is not always about knowing a subject extremely well but putting that expert knowledge into execution which will reap positive results.

8. Managerial excellence is not always about taking a centre stage when the production is high but stand behind his men who have made it possible.

9. Managerial excellence does mean that the manager gives purposeful and meaningful assignments to people get their self-worth high.

10. Managerial excellence necessary means that the manager takes up the most important function on priority leaving the less priority one's at a later date.

11. Managerial excellence does mean that the manager stays in the midst of the conflict to resolve it amicably rather than running away from the scene.

12. Managerial excellence also means that the manager brings his people's competencies to an amazing level that he can honourably make an exit.

Managerial excellence is a journey which comes from within and cannot be taught in management schools. It is a power which comes from inside to do the best possible without any expectations. It's unleashing of one's potential to the fullest when you appear in the centre stage of work.