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Man appreciates and Machine depreciates

Alok Kumar Srivastava

Designation : -   General Manager - IR

Organization : -  Sirpur paper Mills (A unit if JK Papers Ltd.), Komarambheem Asifabad (TS)


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There is very thin line difference between employee's satisfaction and employee's engagement. When an employee joins an organization and performs his duties he wants to satisfy his economic, social and psychological needs. When an employee does not feel satisfy with his job, negative attitudes towards the work develop in his mind. In this case, he tries to change the job. This way he finds himself unable in concentrating on his work. On the contrary, if an employee is satisfied with his job, he will perform his duty with whole hearted efforts. He will contribute to his best effort to the best of his efficient and capability towards the achievements of predetermined objectives of the organization.

Factors contributing to the employee's satisfaction include treating employees with dignity and respect, providing regular employees recognition : A satisfied employee proves to be an asset for the organization. Many factors affect job satisfaction like salary, designation, working condition, environment, family problems, efficiency of the employee to do his work, his interest in the work. Thus, it is clear that job satisfaction an employee is the result of many attitude and factors. The factors affecting job satisfaction may be divided into two parts :-

A- Individual factors : The following are individual factors which affect the level of job satisfaction :
  • Level of Education
  • Intelligence
  • Health
  • Age
  • Interest
  • Family condition
B- Job factors : The employees satisfaction is often measured by anonymous employee satisfaction surveys administered periodically that gauge the level of employee satisfaction. The Following are the job factors which affect the employee satisfaction.

Nature of job : Employee feels dissatisfied if they have to do the work of similar nature for many times. On the contrary, if work of an employee of different types of, it gives more satisfaction.

Working conditions and working environment : It affects the job satisfaction of the employee if there are good working conditions in the organization. If the working condition of the enterprises is not suitable, the employee feels dissatisfaction. The working condition includes arrangement of light, heat, water, machines, sitting etc.

Stability of Job : If employees feel that the job is not stable, they employee will remain dissatisfied.

Training arrangement : Arrangement of training also satisfied the employee because trained employee can do the work easily and more efficiently.

Freedom of work : If employees are free to do their work in the manner they like, they feel more satisfied because it provides them an opportunity to take the relevant decisions.

Promotion opportunity : If employees are capable and having talent to perform for hire position may give opportunity within the business to proof himself.

Effective supervision : Insufficient & lack of supervision, lack of guidance may increase insecurity and directionless working. So effective supervision is also required to keep employees motivated.

Social Aspect : If the work of an employee social recognized, it will give more satisfaction.

Way to increase job satisfaction : Following efforts must be made to increase the job satisfaction amongst the employees :-

1. Proper Remuneration

2. Security of job

3. Promotion opportunity

4. Proper working condition

5. Labour Welfare Scheme

6. Effective Supervision

7. Effective Communication System

8. Establishment of sweet human relation

9. Freedom to work

How we identify frustration of an employee :

Behaviour of every human being is goal oriented. Every creature work to get some result but now and again the situation and circumstances developed in which he is unable in getting the desired result. This failure, to get the desired result, creates a strain in his mind and the state of pressure in mind is called frustration for example; if an employee with higher qualification is appointed at a post not required that qualification, he may feel dissatisfied. In this case, negative attitude may develop in the mind of employee towards the officers and his organization.

Cause of frustration : Following are the main cause of frustration. Conflict between two motives: If an employee faces conflict in mind between two motives and he is unable to take a decision, he feel the frustration for example; if an employee is promoted on the conditions that he will be transferred to another City, it may create a problem of decision making before that the employee in taking a decision between accepting the promotion and going to the other city or staying at the same post. In this case, he faces the conflict between two motives of promotion and transfer.

1. Individual limitation :- Sometimes, individual limitation of the employees create the situation of frustration for example; employee get an opportunity of promotion but he is unable to avail this opportunity because of the individual inability. It will create the situation of frustration in his mind.

2. Sometimes environment problem also create a situation of frustration in the mind of an employee for example; an employee wants to produce goods and services of required standard are not made available to him, it may cause situation of frustration in the mind of that employee.

Consequences of frustration :

When an employee is unable in achieving his target, he feels frustrated and creates many reactions in his behaviour. He becomes destructive instead of constructive and will not align with the business objective.

Employees are the only key assets of any of the organisation so we keep them motivated by following this saying "Man appreciates and Machine depreciates."