Article (March-2018)


Making HR functions smarter

Akanksha Tripathi

Designation : -   HR Head

Organization : -  Xapads Media Pvt. Ltd, Noida


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Technology is always a boon for businesses but when it gets well - aligned with the people of an organisation, the chemistry between the two powerful factors makes the business goals easier to set, follow, and achieve. But, it doesn't apply to every new technology, so, it is the responsibility of CIOs to thoroughly investigate and analyse a technology before introducing it in the organisation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technology which is not only effective in forecasting sale, marketing trends, consumer behaviour, cost analysis, and supply chain, but AI also plays a very significant role in the management of human resources, the most valuable assets of an organisation. From recruitment to on boarding and skill development to the deputation, with the advent of AI, HR departments of companies become smarter, strategic, and result - oriented.
Loaded with immensely smart features like pattern analysis, voice recognition, and image processing along with customised data processing and analytical tools, AI plays an effective role in employee engagement and productivity. AI is making employees focused, fast, and calculative; the need of every smart business in the digital era. Familiar with its innumerable benefits, companies in the present time are rushing to AI for making their HR functions easier as well as smarter. Let's shed light on HR functions which have got totally transformed with the onset of AI.
Smart Screening
AI - enabled screening software are performing the task of searching the relevant profiles of the best - suited candidates for an organisation as per its actual needs and criteria. By analyzing the necessary information and their work history, in particular, job profiles of potential candidates, the software can filter the information on the basis of required skills, qualifications, experience, remuneration, distance, commutation, etc. Earlier, HR executives were used to perform all the screening tasks through manual processes, where they physically pick some interesting profiles from a huge pile of CVs. AI - based screening software proved very disruptive in the field of screening, and today, a large number of companies around the world are using them successfully.
Smart Tracking
If AI - based softwares are transforming the screening process in HR, then AI - powered chat bots can respond to the most common HR queries of the candidates; from scheduling tele-conversations round to helping the managers in conducting face-to-face interview rounds, these chat bots are very useful in bridging the gap between candidates and HR managers. Through learning patterns and track records, chat bots assist immediate managers in making better decisions.

Smart Communication
Many a time, candidates don't join the organisation even after accepting an offer letter from the HR department, and sometimes, they even reject the offer. To counter these uncertainties or to minimise the probability of last minute offer rejection, there are many AI - based tools that time to time interact with the selected candidates and share the updated information/status with the concerned executives of the HR department. Based on these updates they can line - up with appropriate substitutes. 
Smart Decisions
AI - empowered intelligent machines are today very helpful in delivering custom - made messages to the prospective employees and allow the recruiters to focus on strategic decisions. These AI - empowered intelligent tools not only figure out the right fit for the organisation, but side by side, they collect the important data of potential candidates through customised chats and messages.
Smart Learning
The responsibilities of HR professionals don't complete on the recruitment and selection of the quality talent; honing and upgrading the talent is the very next task of HR after the on boarding of new employees. The advent of AI has blessed the HR with a variety of personalized learning and skill - development programmes based on their KRA, skill set, total work experience, attitude towards learning and willingness to skill enhancement. As different people have different learning styles, AI - based learning solutions help to empower both employees and their organisations.
Smart Planning
Apart from a bevy of functional benefits, the best contribution of AI to HR is empowering the managers with better and clear insights on various industry's issues, roadmaps, targets, and action plans. With the great combination of big data and predictive analysis, many AI tools are impressively useful in forecasting trends and finding solutions to the problems that may emerge in the future. Various common HR issues like, absenteeism, high attrition, and low retention can be resolved very easily with the help of AI.
Smart Results
Artificial intelligence is disruptively changing HR functions in all the modern organisations for a variety of productive reasons. After the arrival of AI, not only the performance of HR professionals has increased to manifolds, but employees in every department have got benefitted with immaculate tools and applications. Hence, AI is not just making the HR functions smarter but the entire business processes too.