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Living in the Present, Joyfully

Sri Shivam

Designation : -   Founder

Organization : -  Shivoham Foundation, Delhi


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A year of great changes is coming to a close. You all have experienced 2020 to be a year of great challenges in most dimensions - physical, mental, emotional. However, this has also been a year of great positive changes rich with reflections and transformations for many. You have had your share of experiences in 2020 with successes, failures and much learning. I would like you to experiment with me to find how you can grow yourself exponentially, and tap into your consciousness to start your new year with strength in 2021.

Our Current Reality

Talking of 2021 reminds me of the New Year Eve parties - we eat, drink and dance with friends and family. I would like to bring your attention to the most important thing that we miss out - it is totally about you. Without preaching or advice, let's reflect, investigate and enquire about something precious that we miss unknowingly. What does a New Year mean? Is it just about changing your calendar? Or is it something far beyond everything common, something that is perhaps not in our awareness right now?

Let us see- is it time that is passing? Or is it man who is passing? It is difficult to understand the man. Most people enjoy bringing in the New Year in clubs, in temples and churches. Ask yourself - is this something to celebrate in the club or temple- a place to party or a place to worship? These are all the same. In each situation we are moving outside.

How about taking our party inside, deep within ourselves?

You must have experienced that the happiness you get at these places is momentary. Why not investigate where the real happiness comes from? If you are dependent on outside agencies to make you happy, you are in trouble. Your whole system believes that your happiness comes from that source outside of you. This new year I invite you to start from a clean slate and make yourself clear not from outside, but from inside - clear like a crystal.

Starting on a Clean Slate - Tapping into the Silence within

Can we make ourselves crystal clear from inside? Can we start this new year according to what we want ourselves and not by guidelines of a priest or a Guru?

Real transformation can only come when you ask yourself - what do I want in my life? How do I really want to live? What do I want to become? How would I like to shape my New Year?

YOU are the best person to decide what you need.

Ask the question, and listen to the first thought. The first thought that arises within is actually the path. We are seeking many things - but we really don't know what we seek. When we go deep within, the question gets answered. Those who have experienced going within find something beyond the imagination - that there is no question - so why waste time searching for the answer. There is absolute silence. Reaching that silence is revolutionary. If your mind is silent, you don't need to wait for a new day or a New Year. Then, every moment is new for you. To make every moment new, you have to go in your self-reflection zone.

Make your own Vision board :

Take a few minutes and follow these steps :

Step 1: Reflect on vision questions and write your response

  • What is something that I want to transform in the New Year 2021?
  • What do I want in this New Year, and what do I want to become?
  • What do I want to be known for?

Step 2: Start with raising your awareness and observation

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Let's take an example - You may want to resolve your anger issues. People say I would like to control my anger. Think about it - is anger something that you can control? Whatever you want to control, you cannot control - because in control there is a deep-down possession.

For example, I say, I don't want to think about this person - In thinking so, I am actually thinking about that person. If I say I don't want to be angry - I am now thinking about anger. To get rid of the anger, start to live in that anger. The answer will emerge from the problem.

Sri Shivam

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