Life in organizations – Paradoxes, Dilemmas and Possibilities

Life in organizations - Paradoxes, Dilemmas and Possibilities

We live in a world of contradictions. Paradox is a central dimension of the life in organisation. Decision-making in organisations is becoming more and more paradoxical with the increasing amount of uncertainty and stress in the environment, shifting priorities and conflicting objectives. We constantly need to deal with the tensions between the old and the new, the individual and the collective, process focus and flexibility, performance and development, internal and external demands, and, change and stability. Paradoxical thinking enables us to respond creatively to the challenges in organisational life and to find more meaning and fulfillment.

This book is the outcome of author’s struggle with these paradoxes, contradictions and dilemmas over the last two decades he has experienced in organisational life. While the struggle can indeed be very frustrating, it also holds the key to achieve a higher level of awareness and more nuanced understanding that can open a wide range of possibilities for us – possibilities for responding creatively and effectively to the paradoxical situations that we face at work and in life.

The chapters unfold the various paradoxical aspects of life in business organisations. In many of these cases, author became aware of the paradoxical nature of the situation based on actual conversations or incidents that he came across.

In order to give readers a first-hand feel, he has retained these conversations, while maintaining the anonymity of the people and organisation involved. Hence, readers will find that many of the sub-sections in this book start with the record of a conversation.

This book is an exciting journey though the paradoxes, dilemmas and possibilities in the various aspect of organisational life, including joining the organization, getting things done, building capability, planning career, rewards and recognition, finding meaning and purpose, creating ownership and the sense of belonging, leadership and followership, and, exiting the organisation. It will help the readers to respond effectively to the complex challenges in organisational life by leveraging the principles of paradoxical thinking. This book will be interest to anyone who worlds in business organisations. It also provides additional insights fro business leaders, people managers, and human resource professionals.

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