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Life Competencies for Growth and Success

Devendra Agochiya

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You may have acquired business competencies and social skills for success but unless you understand, appreciate and gain life skills, you cannot achieve happiness in real sense. It helps increasing your influence in family, society and workplace.
This book is a complete guide for trainers engaged in promoting life skills training and education. In today’s complex world, life competencies play a very important role in shaping the personality of individuals, in helping hem establish their self-identity and in preparing them to face the myriad challenges of life more effectively. This will coalesce into producing more conscientious, responsible and productive members of society.
This Trainer’s Manual can be used for training diverse groups of participants-those working with business firms or in the social development sector, young entrepreneurs, job aspirants, young executives looking for career-promoting and growth-oriented training opportunities, and technical or vocational trainees at different technical institutes under the skill-development programme of the Government of India. The Manual will also serve as a useful guide for self-improvement and self-training by all those who may not have access to formal training opportunities. The modular approach followed in the Manual will help trainers and training institutes in designing custom-made programmes for their groups.
The book authored by Dr. Devendra Agochiya will serve as a helpful guide to the trainers of life skills education and training. The modules in this Manual are extremely relevant, covering key aspects of the life of an individual.
The learned author of this book has put together his vast international experience as a trainer and his expertise in life skills to produce this valuable guide for trainers.