Article (November-2020)


Leader has to deep dive along with team to simplify the complexity

Meenakshi Iyengar

Designation : -   Organisational Talent Consultant & Advisor

Organization : -  Mumbai


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What kind of specific traits and mindsets are required to lead businesses during the crisis?

MI No living person has ever experienced these times before. This is the beginning of different times. The impact of climate change on the human race is predicted to be much worse. It is forcefully changing our business and work environment.

Businesses and leaders will have to brace themselves with a 'resilient mindset' to deal with it. It is the story you tell 'yourself' and 'experience' it. Practice staying in the moment and gratitude, deeply prioritize, stay future-focused and move towards it are a few best practices to build a resilient mindset.

Research states that when confronted with unexpected uncertainty, our brain reacts by increasing its learning rate. So, turn this into an 'opportunity'. Leaders who exploit both internal and external stimulus overcome the feeling of being 'stuck'. Learn, experiment, and stay future-focused.

Also, use these times as an opportunity to deepen your connection and trust. Use the right medium and right frequency to connect. You cannot 'email only' to inform important business changes. Nor can you be 24 by 7 on a video call. Use all forms of communication- video, email, phone message and phone chat adequately and appropriately to make your communication effective and address queries openly.

Be compassionate and an empathetic leader who feels the pain and needs of others. Life Challenges each person's face is personal and unique in these times. Moreover, it is exceedingly difficult to showcase compassion in times of social distancing or reduced in-person presence. A good way to share compassion is to simply 'listen'. Even if you think, you are a great listener - be more patient and listen intendedly. Pick up right 'clues and notes in the process to respond.

This story has not been played before so, deploy additional effort to be compassionate and build connections. A crisis is an opportunity to lead. Resilience, compassion, and connection are critical traits to lead in unexpected times.

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