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Law & Practice On Minimum Wages Act, 1948

S.B. Rao

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Organization : -  Law Publishing House


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In a country like India where the number of unemployed persons is very large, the legislature realized that if the rule of the market was allowed to prevail, it would be difficult to prevent exploitation of labour through payment of low wages. It was to prevent this that law of minimum wages was enacted in 1948 and specific provisions were made for determining wages in respect of scheduled industries.   This law does not define minimum wages and does not contain any guideline regarding what elements should be taken in to consideration in prescribing a minimum wage. As a result different states authorities have followed different sets of principles in fixing and revising the minimum wages. There are vide disparities in the rates of minimum wages fixed in respect of different employments within the states and in respect of the same employments fixed by different states and so the litigation came in.  The present book on minimum wages by S. B. Rao and revised by Vipul kharbanda is much sought after work on the subject. This is one of the few legislative pieces which has seen very few amendments except adding employments to the schedule to the Act, there was no amendment to the Act in last 30-35 years.

The 2019 edition of the book contains exhaustive commentary with in depth discussion of case law on important points. The author has taken care of including all recent important court judgments on different points.  The book has filled the gap and will be of immense benefit to industries, managers, labour law practitioners, bench and bar.