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Woman slaps charges of molestation against IT companys partner and HR personnel

A 36-year-old woman has registered a complaint against a city-based IT firm’s UK partner, global HR head and India head under sections 354 (A), 509, 506 of the Indian Penal Code and section 67 of the Information Technology Act 2008. In this regard, charges have been pressed against UK-based partner Gavin Goveria, global HR head David Heffernan and other officials in India office — Dharani Medappa, Sweta Gogna, Launis Levi and Hiri Kowshika, all employees of a city-based IT company. The case has been registered in Vimantal police station.


According to police, the woman was employeed at the firm as a senior consultant. In her complaint, the woman claimed that the company’s senior management tarnished her reputation and maligned her character. She alleged that Goveria exchanged text messages on WhatsApp with another female employee of the company, spreading rumours about her alleged relationship with another male colleague working in the same firm and made personal comments about her character. When the female employee Goveria in told the woman about the stories doing the rounds, the woman took printouts of the chats and approached the HR team to intervene in the matter.


The company set up a committee to investigate the allegations made by the woman. As per her claims, the company delayed the proceedings as it involved senior officials and also foreign nationals. Also, the woman was not satisfied with the findings of the committee as the investigating team was formed of internal employees while the woman wanted an NGO to look into the matter. When she mailed the HR head on July 14 of this year, she was told that Goveria had already resigned on July 10, and therefore the inquiry had to be closed. It also said that since Kowshika was not involved in the WhatsApp chat, he could not be implicated. The woman then approached the cops to seek justice. Not satisfied with the outcome, the woman approached Pune police commissioner and Vimantal police station. An FIR was lodged on September 9 after her repeated attempts to get a favourable response from the HR team failed.


Talking about the case, police inspector Balwant Mandge told Mirror, “We are investigating the case. Both Goveria and Kowshika were in the UK when the incident happened. Six highly placed company officials have been booked in the case. We have approached the company’s HR head and will call for an inquiry and taken proper actions against the accused.”

Source: PM