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The Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules 2019

Government of Karnataka vide notification No.LD 127 LET 2018 has inserted Rule 6(A) under Karnataka Maternity Benefit Rules, 1966 which mandates the provision of Creche facility by all employers. Below given are the important details towards the notification.

1) The facility of creche shall be located within the premises of the establishment or within 500 meters from the entrance gate of the establishment, for the use of children below the age of six years of the employees. There shall be one creche for every thirty children.


2) Careful consideration shall be given by the employer, while deciding on the location of creche. The expert advice from the state or national support agencies shall be availed as part of the decision making process by the employer.


3) The creche facility shall be to children of all employees irrespective of the type or nature of employment, such as permanent, temporary, regular, daily wage, contract, etc.


4) The notification also provides the standards to be followed for the building and facilities of he creche and equipment to be provided by the employer in the creche. The employer shall adhere to the standards and norms fixed by central and state governments or their official agencies for creche, such as the National Minimum Guidelines for setting up and running creche published under the Act by the ministry of women and child development, Government of India.


5) The working hours of the creche shall correspond to the working hours of the mother or parents of the children admitted in the creche. The creche shall have to work in two or more shifts if the women are employed in two or more sifts as per the statutory norms, spread over a period not exceeding eight hours a day. Where the creche works in shifts, different staff shall be employed to work in different shifts.


6) Records of periodical medical checkup and weighment of the children attending the creche shall be maintained. Further new Rules 6B, 6C and 6D have been inserted for the supply of milk and refreshment, supply of clothes, soap and oil and the regulation of outdoor play facilities respectively.