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Aviva Life Insurance launches WINGS to Empower Women at Workplace

Aviva Life Insurance today announces the launch of WINGS, a specially designed mentorship program to empower women workforce. The WINGS program is an initiative of the SHE division of Aviva Life Insurance for mentoring all the women employees in Aviva.SHE was conceptualised in 2016 by Aviva India’s Women Network, an active community of socially enabled women who take up the charge of addressing causesin the interest of women empowerment. The new initiative has been aimed to empower the women in Aviva to fulfil their professional and personal goals.


Mentoring is an essential practice as it is the best way to groom an individual and prepare them for the future. However, even in the present time, when women empowerment has started gaining global significance, one out of every five women claim not to have any mentor at their workplace. An effective practice of mentoring at workplace helps women ideate about what they will become, giving them a clearer picture of their future and their growth prospects. Thus, for women to be more empowered, it’s crucial to have structured mentorships program where women can learn from each other.


Good communication is an essential skill of a good leader but in today’s work environment, everyone is glued to their screens. This eventually creates an inter-personal gap due to the lack of face-to-face communication. “A woman mentor for the female employees opens them an avenue to freely communicate in a safe environment, allowing them to focus on growth and improvement. Additionally, through mentoring, we also develop a leadership pipeline for the company, hence, ensuring that the practice is not just beneficial to the individual but to the organisation at large,” said Ms. Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing and Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance, who is also a WINGS mentor.


While there continues to be a global movement on women empowerment and gender equality, the launch of WINGS is a step further towards achieving the goal by Aviva Life Insurance. Supporting female employees with good mentors empower women both professionally and personally, developing them as an independent individual because balance is for the better.