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startups that are ensuring mental health and wellbeing of their employees

World Mental Health Day (10th of October) is nearly upon us and after unprecedented global change and trauma, where many of us became ill, developed long term chronic symptoms, lost loved ones, lost jobs, weren’t able to socialise, had to home educate our children, developed an increasingly poor work/ life balance, weren’t able to go on holiday, were furloughed, were pinged and isolated, mental health has never been more important.

Mental health affects every aspect of someone’s life, including their work, and if that isn’t enough to make us do something, the hidden costs of an unhealthy working environment come to enormous sums that no business can afford to ignore. Every business can support struggling employees and can proactively ensure that being at work is not part of the problem. Here is a list of startups who have taken various measures to combat mental health issues at work.

To ensure work-life balance and to lead a focused life, new age startup Burgeon Law have engaged in a number of activities, which fosters mental health and wellbeing. The startup recently completed a life-coaching course from MindValley which focused on ways and means to lead a balanced, less distracted life. Employees are encouraged to participate in games every week to keep work spaces light and happening. In case, anyone is feeling unwell or exhausted, Burgeon Law encourages the employees to take the day off after informing the HR and they have also initiated an online virtual meditation class with all the employees meditating together.

For the past year and a half, the entire team has been working from home. WFH can often get lonely and challenging as our interactions are limited to messaging and calls. At Rite KnowledgeLabs, we have been doing one-on-one personal e-meetings. It gives the team members an uninhibited space to talk about the challenges they’re facing either at home or at work. It’s a dedicated time to discuss any concerns, anything that is bothering them, be it personal or professional.  The company has seen that the forum has helped them to keep their culture of bonding and trust alive. The interactions have made our employees feel safe, cared for and helped strengthen trust in the organisation. Other than this, a two-day paid vaccine leave, no calls during lunch hours and adhering to work hours have helped the organisation keep up employee engagement and motivation.

Khatabook, India's fastest-growing fintech startup, has announced a Mental Health Break for its employees for a week from 25th September to 3rd October 2021. Ravish Naresh, CEO and Co-founder at Khatabook wrote in his internal mail to employees, "It has been exciting 8 months of work in 2021 at Khatabook. We have been working from home with no in-person social interactions with our colleagues. This coupled with other pandemic-induced situations on a personal front, may have caused stress to individuals. The objective behind this prolonged company-wide break is to give everybody an opportunity to unwind and return to work reinvigorated.” Employee well being is an essential part of Khatabook’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the startup believes in providing mental health breaks to employees at regular intervals.


Edtech soonicorn Vedantu noted that the learnings over the past year have helped enhance employee engagement and productivity metrics. This has helped the workforce change its perspective of remote working. Some specific initiatives were also taken to address the challenges around the second wave. The brand conducted a few meditation sessions across the organisation to boost positivity about work and the environment. They also have an internal in-house counseling team and a wellbeing flagship program Aarohan where they conduct mediation, yoga, mental wellbeing, health wellbeing sessions for all the employees.