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Toyota terminates 45 including union leaders for  last year strike and work disruptions

After termination of 45 workers by Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM)on 2nd Oct, Workers Union has alleged that company had  washed out its entire union leadership in order to paralyse it eliminate it, according to a report published in HINDU.

According to management,t is decide to terminate the 45 workmen found guilty of serious misconducts after completion of disciplinary enquiry. Remaining workers are taken back to work with minor punishment.

 In November 2020, union protested over a suspension of its member and resorted to destructive behavior, work disruptions, prolonged strike followed by lock out.

Company management  said the strike was continued illegally  by the union for four months despite the State government prohibiting it. During this period, 66 employees indulged in serious misconducts of threatening, damaging company property, defaming and assaulting were suspended pending disciplinary inquiry, on completion of which , final decision was taken.

However, employee union representatives said the inquiry was conducted online for the convenience of the management and many accused employees, witnesses and defendants could not participate in the process due to network issues and other inconveniences.

“Only  an offline inquiry is effective in many counts such as clarity, participation and reading the demeanour of the people involved. When TKM can call all employees to work why did the company insist on conducting this inquiry online?” questioned an office-bearer of the union.