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 Companies are willing to hire more apprentices: Teamlease Report

The bi-annual Apprenticeship Outlook Report for the period January – June 2021 by NETAP (National Employability Through Apprenticeship Program), a part of TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) indicates that the apprenticeship market is swiftly recovering from the economic concerns caused by COVID crisis. The report delivers hard facts about apprenticeship trends across small, medium, and large enterprises and also statistics of various sectors, cities and industries.


  • Impact of COVID on hiring apprenticeships in respective sectors
  • Apprenticeship hiring sentiments for 2021 (a case in point - 12% more employers to hire this HY)
  • Employer preferences
  • Year-over-year comparisons
  • Top apprentice categories (for example, Trade is the most hired category with 55%)
  • Expected apprentice hiring outcome
  • Employer perception of apprentice productivity
  • Current scenario of apprenticeship in India ( for example, Chennai is the most apprentice-friendly city at 57%)
  • Skill requirement by industry
  • Apprentice distribution by state, business size, organization and industry
  • Cost-benefit analysis

 According to the Apprentice Outlook Report released by TeamLease Skills University’s National Employment through Apprenticeship Program (NETAP), 64% of the more than 500 companies surveyed are willing to hire more apprentices than they are today.

•          The report also showed that more companies are willing to pay higher wages for apprentices. The percentage of apprentices paid between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 increased from 2020, which was 15% higher than the previous year, to 25% this year.

•          According to the report, about 19% of the companies surveyed want to reduce the number of apprentices, just above 17% in the first half.

•          TeamLease estimates that India has about 300,000 apprentices.

•          Gender differences are also narrowing when it comes to hiring apprentices. About 32% of employers say they prefer female apprenticeships this year, compared to 23% last year.

•          Summit Kumar, NETAP Vice President of TeamLease Skills University, said: Apprentices, on the other hand, have empowered young people and channeled them towards formal employment, improving employment potential and livelihoods. ”

•          The top sectors to hire apprentices are manufacturing and engineering, in addition to agriculture and pesticides. Approximately 13% of companies in these sectors are expected to expand their apprenticeship programs, followed by 11% of e-commerce.

•          According to the report, IT engineers, QA engineers, and production engineers are the top profiles companies are looking for.

•          SMEs have shown the fastest recovery in their willingness to hire apprentices. In the second half of the report, 47% of such companies are prepared to increase the number of apprentices compared to 35% in the first half. The proportion of SMEs that reduce employment has also decreased from 27% to 24%.

•          Large companies adding apprentices increased from 65% to 73%, while medium-sized companies changed from 58% to 64%.

•          According to the report, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat remain the top three states with the largest share of apprenticeship opportunities.

•          According to the data in the report, about 178,000 opportunities were created between August and December 2020. This number fell to about 137,000 during the January-May period of this year, with the sharpest drops in April and May, when the country dominated. The second wave of Covid-19.

•          The main reasons for hiring apprentices are the easy availability of apprentices to fill the skill gap, the need to make up for the labor shortage caused by the pandemic, and the need to reduce labor costs at the entry level. Includes sex.