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Ferns N Petals announces Paid Pink Leaves for Women

With an effort to combat the stigma around menstruation and promoting women friendly policies, Ferns N PetalsIndia’s gifting giant introduces “PINK” leave that support women menstrual health. This leave policy is made keeping in mind women’s unique needs, wellbeing and health and hygiene. Menstrual leave is an employment policy that allows individuals to take additional paid leave from work during menstruation as a rest day. For each employee, one leave will be credited in the beginning of every month.

FNP is one of the first few corporate organization to do so. The company believes in creating safe and comfortable work environment that respects biological needs and thus support Menstrual Health & Gender equality at workplace.

Ferns N Petals also introducedPaternity Leave, a paid leavefor permanent male employees with upto 2 surviving children. Newly fathers are eligible for 7 days of paid paternity leave (in one stretch) which are inclusive of any rest days, weekends, off days, shutdown days and public holidays, etc.