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79% of recruiters agree that online hiring drives provide better candidate reach - survey

September 2nd, 2021: Before 2020, terms like online interviews, full-time work-from-home roles and even flexible jobs were not considered employer-friendly. Fast forward to August 2021, remote hiring and virtual onboarding have proved to be the most effective way of recruiting.

JobsForHer, India’s largest platform to accelerate women’s careers, recently conducted a survey, which revealed that 79% of recruiters agreed that online hiring drives provide better candidate reach, thereby indicating that remote recruitment has proved to be equally beneficial for small businesses too.

Online recruiting reaches a much larger and targeted audience than other methods do. Along with reaching job seekers anywhere, organisations can attract candidates with very specific skills. Keeping the fluid workspace trend in mind, HerRising 2021 is one of JobsForHer's main initiatives to accelerate women's careers - no matter where they are!

Following close on the heels of so many successful virtual hiring drives during the last year, an online career fair can be effective in bringing in the right candidates with the right skills across industries.

The pandemic has proved to employers that remote work can be just as effective as being present full-time in an office environment. This has further encouraged many more women to start, restart and rise in their careers.

"'Flexible' used to be a bad word for recruiters," Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO, JobsForHer, said. "It really took the pandemic to gain an acceptance for work from home roles."

To understand how recruiters are viewing this shift to work from home culture, another survey that was conducted on the platform showed 86% of employers agreed that work-from-home has opened up more job opportunities for women regardless of location and 76% said the pandemic has shifted focus on skills rather than gender in the hiring process.

“If we really want to see a balanced workforce with equal representation, opportunities and participation of both genders, then clearly we need more gender-neutral policies and programs in place. Time and again, it is proved that diversity is not just a hiring goal but a business imperative that improves the bottom line and increases ROI. ” Neha adds.

HerRising is being conducted for the second time in its virtual form after the pandemic. The event will open up job opportunities for women candidates across the country, and provide a vast talent pool for employers to tap in.