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Toxic workplace culture is major cause of leaving jobs-Report

A new bit of research from BreatheHR foound that nearly a third of UK employees are leaving their jobs due to a poor workplace culture.

Perhaps all the reflection that happened amid the pandemic has had an impact on this – this number has risen from 21% in 2020, to 27% in 2021.

All this means is that employers really do need to put in the effort to create a positive, healthy working environment if they want workers to stick around.

With this in mind, Lucinda Pullinger, the global head of HR and talent at Instant Offices, shares a number of signs of a toxic workplace culture:

•             Constant interpersonal conflicts

•             Lack of teamwork and camaraderie

•             Pointing fingers and blaming others when something goes wrong

•             Poor problem-solving as a team

•             Exclusive cliques or social groups

•             Office gossip

•             Work awarded based on personal connections rather than skill

•             Poor communication and lack of clarity around projects

•             Inconsistent communication and mixed messages

•             Unhappy, demotivated workers

•             High turnover rate

•             Stifled/ stagnated career progression

•             Lack of work-life balance