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GM India retrenches 1,086 workers who did not accept Voluntary separation scheme

General Motors India has retrenched 1,086 workers who haven’t accepted a voluntary separation scheme announced for Talegaon pune plant workers, triggering labour dispute  with its worker union that has approached the  court challenging their termination as illegal according to report published in ET.

 Talegaon website of the auto car maker indicates that about 33% of work force have accepted the VSS by 4th july. The management retrenched the remaining workforce on july 12.

The workers union has filed a case on the industrial court in Pune on July 15,alos seeking a stay on the sale of the plant to Chinese SUV maker Great Wall Motors or some other get together.

The court that held an urgent hearing on July 16 asked GM India management to either give an undertaking of holding the sale or leasing of the plant till the next hearing, or accept a stay order from the court.

The US carmaker confirmed that it told the court that it would not proceed on any transactions until August 3, 2021, when it would file a formal reply to the complaint.

GM India stand is that they have acted legally as  per  certified standing orders of the establishment.

Sandeep Bhegade, president of General Motors Employees Union, informed ET that the Industrial Disputes Act was way more highly effective than the standing orders. “The union believes the retrenchment intiated by General Motors with workers is unlawful as per the Industrial Disputes Act … and the union is combating for a similar within the industrial courtroom,” he mentioned.

GM India claims that since the company announced the production closure at the site at the start of 2020, it had been fully transparent about its intention to wind up operations and have pais the retrenchment compensation and notice pay as per legal provisions.