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Wipro escalates hiring process, to hire 30,000 freshers from campuses

The Wipro companywill be recruiting 30,000 freshers from campuses, of whom 22,000 will join the company in FY23. Wipro officials said this is highest number of jobs the company has offered during campus placements in a single fiscal year. In FY 22, 12k  will be hired. 2000 have already joined in first Q and another 6k will be joining in seconfd quarter according to a report published in Business Standard.

“We have doubled campus hiring and are focusing on reskilling. For FY22, we will onboard 33 per cent more freshers,” Thierry Delaporte, CEO & MD, Wipro, said during a media call. The company acknowledged that attrition is expected to continue for a few quarters, but it is an industry-wide phenomenon and not a company issue.

As demand kicks in and attrition rises, IT services companies are increasing the intake of freshers, instead of depending on lateral hires or sub-contractors that can add pressure to margins. For the first quarter of FY22, Wipro reported an attrition of 15.5 per cent, up from 12 per cent in the previous quarter. The company has taken several steps to contain attrition and retain talent. Almost 80 per cent of the workforce received an early salary hike in this calendar year, and a second round will be done in September. Wipro announced a salary hike in June for professionals in middle and senior positions. Almost 80% of the workforce has seen three cycles of promotion in 12 months, and in the previous quarter, Wipro announced skilled-based bonuses.

Saurabh Govil, president & chief human resources officer, Wipro, reiterated that growth is key for the company and that supply side constraints will not impact it. “Apart from taking financial measures, we are going ahead with an unprecedented hiring — the highest ever for Wipro. We are making sure that we have a pipeline to manage the demand,” he said.