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AAI employees to protest against  allowances reduction

 (ANI) The Airports Authority of India (AAI) Employees Joint Forum Association and Unions is set to launch a nationwide protest against the reduced allowance of the employees across the country.

The forum served a notice to AAI management saying that if the board meeting scheduled for July 7 to defer perks and allowances of these employees is not cancelled, all the union employees will hold lunch hour demonstrations.

 “Joint Forum of AAI shall refrain from holding lunch hour demonstrations if management defers the Board meeting which is going to be held on July 7, 2021, to take a decision on perks and allowances deferment,” Balraj Singh Ahlawat, general secretary of Airports Authority Employee Union, said.

Nearly 17,000 employees across the country come under these associations and unions.

ANI quoted an AAI human resource general manager as saying that it was “unfortunate to observe that the leadership of the joint forum has served upon AAI the notice” for “holding lunch hour demonstration”.The manager said the demands of employees are “already under consideration.”

Meanwhile, the forum hit out at management earlier, saying what the management calls a “round of discussions” was “a session arranged to inform the intention of the management”.