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Nestle scales up medical, financial and wellness support to employees, family

 New Delhi, June1, 2021( PTI) The company has introduced an ecosystem of care, expanded its medical, financial, and wellness support for its employees, the company said in a statement. 

''As the pandemic rages on, members of the Nestlé family like many families have been unfortunately impacted. We are a family and like every family, we are stepping up our support for each other in this hour of need. We have scaled up our medical, financial, and wellness support for our people,'' said Nestlé India Chairman and Managing Director Suresh Narayanan. 

The company will support the education of children of its employees, who have unfortunately passed away due to COVID during the pandemic. 

''We are also committing to cover any critical hospital expenses in the future of these family members, along with providing the family two-year base salary of the deceased employee along with honoring pension, gratuity, and other applicable statutory benefits,'' he said. 

Nestle India is facilitating oxygen concentrators for employees and their families in need and it is cognizant of the dire need for emotional, educational, and physical wellness support in these times. 

It has arranged access to external experts for emotional and psychological counseling for its people. 

''We have also tied up with virtual preschool for children of our employees, and are also providing access to nutrition counseling for our colleagues,'' he said. 

Nestle India has also expanded the reimbursement limits to capture the COVID-19 related medical equipment for use at home, as well as introducing new and easy to attain staff loan schemes, to ensure that its employee doesn't face any financial constraints. 

The company has also collaborated with Apollo hospitals for isolation rooms and with International SOS for medical support, he added