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SpiceJet defers upto 50% of April salary for many employees

 (PTI) SpiceJet has deferred up to 50% of the April salary of a significant section of employees due to the impact of the second coronavirus wave, sources said on Saturday.

Employees, including pilots and cabin crew, have got 10-50%  of their April salaries deferred. Junior employees like drivers have been paid their April salaries in full, according to the sources. Chairperson and managing director (CMD) Ajay Singh will not take any salary for April, the airline said in a statement.

The second wave is raging across India and hospitals in several states face severe shortage of medical oxygen and beds.

This has affected the aviation sector, too, as the number of air passengers have come down significantly.

The airline's spokesperson said the second wave resulted in the country's worst-ever crisis, with the aviation sector again bearing the biggest brunt. "There will be no salary cut for any employee. However, under these extreme and unavoidable circumstances we are enduring, we are forced to implement a graded salary deferment for some of our employees," the spokesperson said.

The airline is ensuring that most of its employees, including those in the lowest pay grades, are not affected at all by this deferment and will be paid salaries in full, according to the statement.

"The CMD has decided to forgo his entire salary. This is only a temporary measure and the deferred salary amount will be paid by the company in full once the condition improves," it added.