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Tata Motors shuts down its pune plant till 30 april

Tata Motors had taken a call to shut vehicle manufacturing operations at the Pune plant from April 15 and will keep them shut till April 30. The letter dated 14 april was addressed to the MIDC police station in Bhosari, Pune.

"We continue to remain vigilant about the safety and wellbeing of our employees. In addition to mandated testing, screening at plant gates is robust and if a symptomatic case is identified, we ensure that the employee is isolated and provided with all support for quarantine and contact tracing thereafter. Our medical teams have also begun vaccination drives in our plants by collaborating with local health authorities, for our eligible employees of age 45 years and above", the company added.

Its earlier letter had sought permission from the local police to allow ferrying of employees for maintaining essential services operational within the plant. These services are related to dispensary, DG set operation, fire fighting, water supplies, 22Kv substation, security vigilance and effluent treatment plants.

As of April 14, Pune district had the highest number COVID-19 active cases in all of Maharashtra. As per PIB Maharashtra, Pune district had 112,213 active cases and had seen 7887 new cases on April 14. It remained one of the worst affected cities in the country.