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18,000 AAI employees not taking vaccine jabs due to fear, confusion

New Delhi,April 16, 2021(ANI)-Despite the continuous appeal of the government to come forward and get vaccinated, people are not coming forward to get inoculated due to fear and confusion. Such is the case with the 18,000 employees of the Airport Authority Employees Union (AAEU).

AAEU General Secretary Balraj Singh Ahlawat has appealed to his employees several times to come forward and get vaccinated.

"Our union has around 18,000 employees strength across India and around 12,000 employees are aged above 45 years, but most of the employees are in fear and confusion, if they get the jab, they will have some side effects and many reports have suggested that after vaccines people get infected again," the AAEU General Secretary told ANI.

He further said, "Employees of the AAEU union are posted at different airports across the country but we are unable to set up a vaccination camp unfortunately because not even 100 employees are ready for the vaccination."

His statement came in the backdrop of Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan's letter to the states/Union Territories dated April 6, 2021, directing them to organise COVID-19 vaccination sessions, which should have at least about hundred eligible and willing beneficiaries.

"In order to increase the access of vaccine to these populations, COVID-19 vaccination sessions may be organised at workplace (both public and private) which are having about hundred eligible and willing beneficiaries by taking this work place with an existing Covid Vaccination Centre," read the Union Health Secretary's letter.

The union is receiving complaints from employees that many people have got infected with corona virus even after vaccination and many are suffering from side effects.

The Secretary General of AAEU issuing a clarification said, "I and my wife have taken the first dose of vaccines together and we are feeling well, I will make it clear to all of you that you take the vaccines on an urgent basis," said Ahlawat.

"If we can enroll 100 employees then we will set up a vaccination camp in Delhi on April 16. Currently our vaccinations camps are working in Kolkata and Guwahati and others places but the staff is showing less interest," he added.