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JLR  to reduce workforce in India

Tatas-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is reducing its workforce in India in a bid to cut cost and become an agile organisation, the company said in a statement. 

The statement said JLR's future strategy not only includes plans for our brands and vehicles but also how we will reimagine our entire business.

"As we begin our journey for becoming an agile organisation, it's imperative that we make every possible efficiency right from the start, including finding the right baseline cost for our workforce," it said.

With a renewed imperative to prioritise value creation through quality and profit-over-volume approach, the company said that it is in the process of creating a flatter structure designed to empower employees to create and deliver at speed and with a clear purpose.

"We need to reduce the cost base to achieve a lean foundation, which will allow us to transform most effectively into a more agile organisation," it said.

The organisational design activity that has already begun means that some functions within the business may increase in size and others may reduce to reflect the future vision, it added.

"Efficiencies are required at every level to allow us to continue to invest and fund our future. This reorganization activity, in India, also includes re-deployment and additions within our overall organization, basis skills match in different parts of our business," said the JLR statement.