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Centre wants states to make their local labour laws in consonance with new central codes

 Jan.15,2021:To bring uniformity in the labour laws across the country, the Centre is planning to ask the states to modify, if necessary, their laws to ensure that they are in consonance with the new central labour codes according to a report published in Financial Express.

Sources said the union labour ministry has decided to appoint legal advisors soon, mandating them to examine whether the state laws are in sync with the central codes. If the harmony is found to be lacking, then states will be asked to either amend them or take Presidential assent for their respective laws once again.

New rules under the labour codes will be implemented anytime after the current month. “Any state law which is not in consonance with the central law needs to be amended. So, we are appointing legal consultants who will look at all the laws in the states and assess whether these laws are in consonance with the new codes. And if they are not, we will take it up directly with the states and point out the dissonance between the labour code,” a senior union labour ministry official said..

Incidentally, the new codes have given enough legroom to states to make suitable changes from the new central legislation. One such leeway is in the Industrial Relations Code where the Centre has granted the states power to allow industrial establishments to resort to lay-offs, closure and retrenchment even if the establishment has more than 300 workers.