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Four labour codes may be enforced even before 1st April  

 Jan.14,2021:The Central  government indicated that it is accelerating labour reforms and looking for an early implementation of the four labour codes, and the rules to this effect will be ready by the end of January. This comes despite allegations that the Centre is ignoring trade unions according to a report published in MINT.

In October, the Union labour ministry had said that it aims to implement the four labour codes by April. However, on 12th jan., labour secretary Apurva Chandra said his ministry will be ready with the rules of all four codes by 31 January. “Implementation of the rules can happen any time after that date …it may happen earlier than April also," Chandra said.


The government, which held a tripartite meeting (involving its officials, and employees’ and employers’ representatives) on Tuesday, said all the trade unions that skipped the meet will be invited again next week before the rules are finalized.

“Rules are ready for wage and industrial relations codes. A committee has been formed for formulating minimum floor wages after due deliberations. The tripartite consultations are almost over and one last round may happen soon for occupational safety and social security codes," Chandra said.

On Tuesday, the labour ministry met employers’ representatives, industry chambers, and some trade unions. “We listened to them. The suggestions were heard and recorded and during finalization of rules several of them are likely to be used," said D.P.S. Negi, senior labour and employment advisor at the ministry.

The employer organizations, authorities said, have sought to expand the scope of gig workers and include those who are not working with any aggregator and are seeking clarity on the salary component on which Employees’ Provident Fund will be calculated.

However, authorities did not comment on what will be the minimum wage, by when the committee will submit its report, and how the wage code can be implemented without effecting a mandatory wage floor.