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Professionals prefer emotional safety with hybrid work model:Survey

YourDOST has recently concluded its study on How Indian employees feel about returning to office post Covid-19 and the outcomes show a gradual inclination towards starting work from office or a Hybrid Model preference wherein working professionals want a Flexible-Work from Office policy. Although the major portion are still unsure about starting traveling to office and have fear of contraction, a visible percentage is looking forward to joining the office.

Conducted across freshers, individuals, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders, the study showcases the following outcomes:

Ø  50% of the respondents belonging to the Leadership and Founders segments, prefer working back from office

Ø  66% of working professionals would want a Flexible-Work from Office policy

Ø  76% of working professionals want to have a Common WFH Policy across Departments

Ø  70% - Working Professionals aged between 30 and 35 still prefer working from home

Ø  49% of working professionals are bored of working from home

Working Professionals have also started feeling about the change in the HR provisions that is required to maintain equilibrium amongst the workforce. Only 62% of respondents think that they have an empathetic work culture. Less than half (45%) of respondents feel open to talk to their managers regarding their Mental Health and as low as 39% have a provision to take a Mental Health day off at their workplaces.

Although 11% of the respondents are not confident about their workplace following safety norms, 19% are willing to return now if required. 60% of the respondents have mentioned that if the vaccine arrives in the market, they are willing to travel to office. 

The survey has unveiled that although the working population is inclined towards starting work from office, there is still a lot to do at the organizations’ end for ensuring the physical and emotional safety of employees getting back to work. 

  • 89% of the respondents feel that there is an increased need of camaraderie amongst team members during these hard times. 
  • 85% feel medical insurance for self/ family as an important requirement for employers.   
  • 79% look forward to a flexible working pattern i.e. to choose to work from either home or office. 
  • 76% feel that there should be a provision to take mental health Day off. 

The survey reinforced the importance of emotional safety measures, which appeared to be more important in increasing the confidence level of employees for reintegrating back to office.