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Paytm to hire from small towns, 20%  Satff to continue WFH post-pandemic

While Paytm has not zeroed down on a specific model, about 20-25% of its staff could continue to work remotely in the future.

 Sharma. CEO Of Paytm said during ClearTax e-Invoicing Leadership Conclave on 24th Dec. “We figured out that we could now recruit from cities where we were previously not going and people don’t have to move to the big cities,”.We are doubling down on that. People can now work from wherever they are — Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Orissa.Our plan is that we will recruit in small cities and not ask them to join offices in the big cities.”

At the Cleartax event, Sharma also talked about how India’s prowess in software can be leveraged to build software to enhance productivity levels. “I am enamoured by the opportunity to serve the common citizen of this country using software technology at a scale that when it says software will eat the world, India’s software will eat the world’s unproductivity… We, in India, will make ourselves productive and solve our customers’ needs which will be never possible in another part of the word.”

Sharma said India will remain Paytm primary market. “In two-three years, we will add the dimension of more international markets. The intention is to build an Indian technology company which is loved and regarded in the international market.” he said.