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West Bengal job app facilitated 8000 IT professionals to get jobs

KOLKATA:1stDec.2020(PTI): Nearly 8000 jobs have been secured by IT professionals in West Bengal who have returned from other places due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an official of the state Information Technology department said.

The statae IT department had developed the 'Karma Bhumi' app for professionals who had returned from other places to enlist themselves for getting employment in the state for a limited period of time.

"With the advent of COVID, there has been a huge influx of IT professionals here from outside," said Sanjay Das, joint secretary, IT Department, government of West Bengal.

Speaking at a webinar by Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday night, Das said the government found that this to be an opportunity to tap the talent pool for which the app had been thought of.

Karmo Bhumi is a Government of West Bengal initiative to collaborate between job seekers and employers in IT/ITeS sector."This app is not exactly a job providing platform. But one for registering of skills of the professionals", he said.According to him, nearly 41,000 professionals have got them enlisted along with 400 employers as well.

Das said more than 8000 jobs have been secured through the app.One employer from Singapore has picked up two AI professionals from the pool, he added.

The joint secretary said that the domain of the app would also be opened for college and university students for expanding the data base.