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94% women point to the need for more networking opportunities to rise to leadership positions:  Survey

Bangalore, November 30th : The year 2020 is touted as the year of change, the year of realisation, and the year of concrete action. The pandemic has brought to the fore some striking leadership skills demonstrated by women leaders across the globe. 

A survey, conducted by JobsForHer clearly indicates that women are able and willing to take on leadership positions despite the several changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. 

Of the 1500 women who took part in the survey, 94% said there is a definite need for more networking opportunities for them to rise to leadership positions.

Furthermore, 49% of the respondents stated that a platform to showcase their leadership skills will help them seek leadership positions in their organisations. 

Interestingly, 32% of women expressed the need for opportunities to interact with women from varied backgrounds and professions to bring in fresh perspectives and serve as a catalyst for change. 18.5% of the respondents said that they’d look for a dedicated, engaged network of senior women to help reach leadership positions. 

Networking, particularly in the present time is suddenly gaining momentum and it is perhaps a lot simpler now to reach women from various parts of the world to connect, share, ideate and learn. And as we settle into the remote working / work-from-home trend, geographical boundaries are blurring; networking is now only a video call away. 

More women leaders have shown us how empathy and solidarity in working with their teams and societies can soften the blow of a global health crisis. Companies are now realising how crucial it is to have more women in their leadership ranks. They’re now putting their heads together to also create a pipeline of women leaders from among their women employees.  

“Structured mentorship, sponsorship and networking platforms for women are important steps in this direction and a trend which will continue to grow to ensure the world has more women at the helm. The HerKey Club is one such networking platform that not only connects women across the globe, but also inspires companies to encourage employees to be part of this growing community of leaders”, says Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, JobsForHer.

While many organizations don't blink an eye to enroll their high-achieving, rising leaders at world-class academic institutions in leadership development programs/courses, there are many non-academic clubs & organizations to which rising male leaders throughout history have also sought membership. These memberships have given them tangible and intangible rewards in their leadership journey - like curated, powerful networks, personal-professional branding, personal-professional growth & development, and access to a world of information and inspiration that they would otherwise not have had. The HerKey Club membership is all this and more for rising women leaders in the world of work.