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Mindhouse announces launch of Wellness Labs for HR Professionals

Gurugram, 27th Nov 2020: Mental wellness startup Mindhouse today announced the launch of Wellness Labs – a collaborative learning platform for senior HR professionals focussed on transitioning work environments during and post the pandemic.

 The pandemic has led to a significant change in the way we work. Working from Home is the new normal and we are more digitized than ever before. Major companies like Microsoft and Twitter have already made WFH a permanent option for many of their employees, while others are doing away with office spaces.

 While the change comes with it’s positives of giving employees more flexibility and savings, WFH has also had a severe negative impact on employees. A large number of people have had to upskill or re-skill and adopt digitization. The lines between personal and professional life are blurred and there is an increasing burden of care on women; all leading to elevated stress levels. Corporates on the other hand, along with relooking at their business models had to simultaneously change the way they work, restructure teams, enable the leadership, change communication modes and work infra, etc. Keeping the employee morale high has been one of the biggest challenges faced by most corporations.

 “With work environments changing radically, there is an urgent need to have a relook at the dynamic between the employer and employees. From being just a workplace provider, employers now need to enable a safe and productive environment at the employees’ home.” said Pooja Khanna, co-founder of Mindhouse. “We believe Wellness Labs can play a role here and create tangible solutions for Corporate India.”

 Members of Wellness Labs will benefit from access to the services provided by Mindhouse and other wellness partners. The community has seen 100 pre launch sign-ups so far. Mindhouse has so far worked with over 600 organizations since April and built customized wellness programs for about 200 companies.