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IndiVillage Launches Rural Mentoring Initiative Featuring Leaders from India Inc.

Bangalore, 23rd Nov 2020: IndiVillage, a BPO and social enterprise using impact sourcing to bring opportunity to rural India, has announced the launch of a rural professional development initiative featuring leaders from India Inc. The program will have senior leaders from brands such as TCS, Cisco, and Tata Steel, offer personalised professional mentoring to IndiVillage's first-time managers.

The initiative comes as a boost to IndiVillage’s budding rural workforce of nearly 300 employees located in Yemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh, and Raichur, Karnataka, who will now have access to mentoring from some of the country's top corporate leaders including:

1. MC Thomas - MD, Tata Steel & Mining

2. Sachin Talwadker - Sr Executive, TCS

3. Ananta Raghuvanshi - Sr Executive Director, Experion Developers

4. Capt Prasad HR (retd) - ex-Service Delivery Director, Cisco Systems

5. Vidya Vellala - Director of Engineering, EagleView

The six-month program is divided into four distinct stages - Rapport, Purpose, Progress, and Evolution - with each milestone having specific learning outcomes.

Speaking about the initiative, Shreya Sinha, Head-Impact at IndiVillage, said, "Professional development is a key feature of employment at IndiVillage. With this initiative, we want our employees to develop the skills and competencies beyond those required for their daily tasks. Our goal is to empower the leaders of the future and who better to catalyse the process than the stellar list of senior management professionals who have generously volunteered their time. I am excited to see how our teams use the opportunity to interact with some of the finest talents from the country's leading companies before integrating their newfound knowledge into their contributions."

 MC Thomas - MD, Tata Steel & Mining says, “I help mentees develop a goal for their professional and personal lives and build leadership skills by analysing their own work experiences. Working with these bright young people and helping them evolve as leaders has been very satisfying.”

 "This program enables the rural workforce to strengthen management skills and improve workplace practices. Over the last several weeks, mentees have learned to communicate confidently and articulate their opinions in a structured manner," said Sachin Talwadker, a TCS senior executive. "For mentors, the program represents a priceless opportunity to shape talent by sharing our personal experiences and professional expertise."

 “Even diamonds need polishing to enhance their value,” points out Ananta Raghuvanshi - Sr Executive Director, Experion Developers. By sharing my insights and experiences, I would like to help these young talented executives to shine. In Gurudakshina, all I ask of them is for each of them to train ten others. Let the chain strengthen.”

As a social enterprise, IndiVillage supports holistic development in rural communities through its impact sourcing model. The company's entire workforce is recruited from its office locations inYemmiganur, Andhra Pradesh, and Raichur, Karnataka, with all profits reinvested into the community. Through its initiatives, IndiVillage aims to change the rural landscape with employment opportunities for the marginalised, better healthcare, access to clean drinking water, and improved education. 

IndiVillage expects that that mentoring initiative will further the employees' professional development and also contribute to their emotional wellbeing and job satisfaction while reducing stress and anxiety. Most importantly, the intervention will help these first-time managers deliver the kind of impact they have benefited from and allow them to pay it forward.