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Bokaro Steel Plant introduces shorter working hours scheme for workers

Bokaro: In order to allow its employees to have a better work-life balance, Bokaro Steel Plant has introduced a shorter working period scheme for those who have completed 10 years of service in the company, chief of communication Manikant Dhan informed in a statement as reported in Times Of India.

However, he also said, “Employees who avail the scheme will be entitled to only 50% of their basic pay, dearness allowance, perks and other grants.”

Employees under the scheme have been given the option to work three days a week or work every alternate day or four hours every working day or half a working day in the month. The scheme shall be applicable for regular employees up to E7 grades. However, they will get the benefit of the scheme only with the consent of the head of the department.

Dhan said, “The decision of whether or not to give the benefit to any worker will be made by the management and even after getting permission, the management can cancel it at any time. The benefit of this scheme will be given for the participation of workers in the education of children, treatment of parents, self-development and social work. During the shorter working period, the employee shall not be allowed to undertake employment with any other employer.”

The shorter working period will be allowed for a period of one year at a time which can be extended. BSL is a SAIL subsidiary, which arguably is the second organisation after Air India to introduce the shorter working period scheme for its employees.