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Metropolis Healthcare rewards employees with increments for their services during pandemic

Mumbai, 5th November 2020: Ameera Shah, Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. has announced annual increments for their country wide staff/employees for the year 2020. The company has also hired over 200 new employees between the period of April to September 2020.  

  • The company has ensured regular testing and provision of medical assistance for all its employees and their immediate family member
  • An employee welfare fund has been constituted as well as a re-look at all the insurance schemes to ensure the staff is covered according to the pandemic situation 
  • Employees Assistance Program for mental health of employees dealing with the anxiety of the pandemic and working from the frontlines
  • Global standards of safety and hygiene training and protective measures like high quality PPEs and masks are provided for all employees to ensure their health, safety, and well-being

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd has 12 COVID approved labs across the country, the highest for any private lab chain and is conducting thousands of tests every day for the citizens of the country. 

To honor the display of undeterred vigour and commitment of the team, Managing Director, Ms. Shah is also rewarding the frontline team with an additional bonus. 

We were operating in a challenging environment, especially at the beginning of the pandemic when the nation-wide lockdown was announced. However, our labs operated around the clock meeting demand for tests, with staff working overtime. We have been able to endure the setbacks because of our dedicated employees who truly lived up to our brand purpose of being there for the patient in their most anxious times. It gives me immense happiness to announce annual increments for the team. We will continue to take care of the needs of our teams and our patients. Said Ms. Ameera Shah, Managing Director, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. 

“The emotional connect that have we invested in our team over the years has come to the fore during these challenging times. The unwavering support from our employees and their commitment towards patient care is visible and can be experienced through all our customer touchpoints; lab at home, service at our patient centres and across our test processing unites. Metropolis is committed to stand strong with its team and their families.” Said Ms. Ishita Medhekar, Chief Human Resources Officer, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

The development is a positive step in the direction of paying heed to mental health of employees and supporting their financial needs, a matter which the company strongly believes must not be overlooked as businesses are focused on recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.