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400 engineering students trained under Kerala Govt Internship Scheme

c to impart additional skills to the students. As per the government's statement, around 300 students did their internship along with their studies, while 100 after completing their course. The students completed their internships at various local bodies and leading private companies and the graduates did internships at local bodies and organisations like KSCADC, Life Mission, KILA and Rebuild Kerala.

Those who completed their internship were appointed as trainees on a contract basis for one year to assist the technical section in maintenance work under various schemes in 64 cluster Grama Panchayats under the Department. They were paid a salary of Rs 10,000. In the next phase, undergraduate and postgraduate students in disciplines other than engineering will also be offered internships in areas where they want to explore future employment.

The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) scheme under the Department of Higher Education is being implemented to enable students to get better jobs through additional skills. The students can opt for an internship along with their study or post-study and they can also apply for a short-term internship during their studies as part of the curriculum. (ANI)