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Vocational training is not a guarantee to job:Study

A study of job patterns of over two decades indicate that the vocational training obtained by youth in training institutes  does not guarantee to get a job according to a paper, published in the Indian Journal of Labour Economics which  is written by academics Satinder Singh, J.K. Parida and I.C. Awasthi. The study also finds that out of those lucky enough to find work, a majority fall back on the services sector in underpaid jobs.

The study finds that India had 11 million technically and vocationally trained people in the labour force in 2004-05, out of whom 9.6 million, or 85%, were employed. By 2017-18, the number of trained people more than doubled to 22.5 million, but the number of those employed dropped to 9.5 million, or 42%.

Moreover, of those employed, around two thirds—63% of those with vocational training and 67% of those with technical training—were working in the services sector, many in a low-pay, informal setting, the authors say.

One way the situation could be remedied, says the paper, is by updating the training offered by various institutes. For example, many of the skills the youth are being trained in are of no use to employers as they have machines to do such work. The youth need to be trained for roles that actually exist, the paper says.