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Fallout of WFH in India during pandemic is  increased burnout: Survey

New Delhi |  October 7, 2020 (PTI) The employees in India are facing increased burnout at work since the work from home phase started due to COVID-19 pandemic. Following a survey of over 6,000 workers, the latest Microsoft Work Trend Index report found that India has the second highest percentage of workers facing increased burnout, with 41 per cent of workers citing the lack of separation between work and personal life as negatively impacting their well-being, resulting in increased stress levels.

According to the study, 29 per cent of workers in India are experiencing increased burnout at work, owing to its increase in workday span by an hour. The graph also showed that the country had the longest workday span of surveyed markets, while workers in Germany witnessed very little change to the workday span or feelings of burnout.

Data showed that globally, people are in significantly more meetings, taking more ad hoc calls and managing more incoming chats than they did before the pandemic. “As people adjusted to remote working, after hours chats, or chats between 5 pm and midnight, have also increased,” the report mentioned.

Samik Roy, country head, modern work, Microsoft India, said, “In the last six months, we have seen how COVID-19 has created an era of remote anywhere. It has led to the evolution of a new workplace – from a physical space to one residing in a virtual world. As businesses adapt to a new way of working, it is important to examine the multifaceted impact that the new working conditions are having on employees.”

The study also revealed ‘no commute’ effects on productivity in the workplace. It found that 6 in 10 people globally felt they were more productive when they were commuting to their workplace. On average, productivity increased between 12 and 15 per cent.

About 92 per cent said meditation could help decrease their work-related stress. “External research backs this up – consistent meditation with headspace can decrease stress and burnout and improve your ability to react to negative feedback,” as per the Microsoft report.