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Raj unemployment surges, need to speed up tourism

Jaipur, Sep 24 (IANS) Rajasthan’s unemployment rate has more than doubled the national average rate of 8.35 per cent in August due to the lockdown imposed amid pandemic, which has grounded all vital activities, including tourism in the state.


The data has been recently released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).


As per the data, the desert state has been ranked third after registering an unemployment rate of 17.5 per cent in August. Haryana tops the list with an unemployment rate of 33.5 per cent, followed by Tripura whose unemployment rate was 27.9 per cent in the same month.


However, the national average unemployment rate in the same month was 8.35 per cent.


Tourism in Rajasthan contributes 23 per cent to its GDP, and hence, the need of the hour is aggressive marketing of tourism as it creates jobs for millions of people in the state directly and directly, he added. The cause of increase in unemployment has been due to dip in toursim, hotel and event business throughout the state due to covid lockdown.


Guides, taxi drivers, artists engaged in puppet shows and the artisans making puppets and many more local handicraft makers and folk dancers get their regular income via tourism. Even in rural Rajasthan, the economy depends on tourism, those owning camels and horses, guides, taxis, cabbies, folk singers and all earn money with tourists coming in.


 Govt. need to take up aggressive steps to promote, restart the tourism activities and remove the fear psychology  among people, feel experts.