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Pocket52 appoints Zoheab Rehaman as chief of staff

Bangalore, In line with its commitment to build a great company culture and further expand its pool of talent,Pocket52 has now on-boarded Talent Management veteran, Zoheab Rehaman. Zoheab has joined Pocket52 as its Chief of Staff and has previously worked closely with Cisco, Mu Sigma, and multiple high-growth start-ups.

With an MBA in Human Resource Management from University of Wigan, the UK, Zoheab brings over ten years of his experience in Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and HR. He has continually showcased his skills and abilities in various multinational companies and has a proven track-record ofscaling multiple start-ups from their inception to maturity.

Prior to joining Pocket52, Zoheab had worked withFintellix Solution, Scienaptic AI and Zebra Technologies at different levels in addition to Cisco and Mu Sigma. His depth of experience, knowledge, and capabilities of ingraining a great work culture will complement Pocket52s growing team.

Zoheab Rehaman, Chief of Staff, Pocket52, said I believe culture is themake or break element for any organisation. Pocket52 has seen a phenomenal growth so far and a positive cultural shift can further augment its growth trajectory. The vision is to create a unique confluence of ownership, continuous learning, transparency, open communications, respect, and empathy in here. Im grateful to Pocket52 for trusting me at this crucial juncture of itsmarketjourney and look forward to create the desired synergies with the team.