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Social Security Code proposes different ceilings for different workers

Social security code introduced in the Lok Sabha on Saturday, proposes different ceiling for different kind of workers . For example , while the regular and permanent employees will get gratuity after five years, the gratuity threshold for working journalists will be three years instead of earlier five years.In a move aimed at linkinggratuity payment to the mode of work, the newsocial security codeCode has introduced different ceilings for different categories of workers. This will help address the often raised issue that employees not meeting the mandatory ceiling of five years of work do not get their gratuity contribution.

Further, gratuity for fixed-term workers will be linked to their tenure of work while gratuity for seasonal workers will be equivalent to salary for seven days for every season of work undertaken which means that now fixed term employees will also be entitled to gratuity irrespective of their termination.

Lok Sabha is expected to take up the Code on Social Security, the Industrial Relations Code and the Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions for discussion and passage in the ongoing Parliament session.