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Haryana prepares database for job preference on unemployed youth

Ina recently launched initiative Haryanastate government officials have been asked to prepare a database on unemployed youth regarding their preference of job in both government and private sector.

Being the minister for Employment Department, Chautala had instructed the senior officials of the department to gather the data of unemployed youth searching for employment and from all over the state on the basis of their qualifications and choice, according to a statement.The work on this scheme is underway at the call centre situated at Rozgar Bhawan in Panchkula.

Till date, 30,000 out of more than one lakh youth contacted by the department have specified their preference of job. Once the preference is specified by the person, a ticket is opened in his/her name and contacted with relevant information soon thereafter.

The Employment Department has already started working in the direction of providing jobs to unemployed youth as per their choice in private and government sector.

For this, the department will keep up to date information regarding vacancies even in central government, other states, army, railways as well as in private companies and will provide eligible candidates as per their requirement.