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Air India employees to go on leave without pay for upto five years

Air India Limited's board of directors have approved a leave without pay scheme for its permanent employees for a period of six months to two years, which is extendable to up to five years, in a bid to cut costs during the current pandemic according to media reports.

"This Scheme of LWP is being introduced for grant of leave without pay & allowances for permanent- employees, for a period of six months extendable up to 5 years or for a period of two years extendable up to 5 years at the discretion of the Management," Air India said in a staff notice on 14 July.

"The Board of Directors in its 102nd meeting held on 7th July,2020 has approved a Scheme whereby employees can opt to take Leave Without Pay ranging from six months or for two years and the same can be extendable up to five years copy of the Staff Notice attached," the notice said.

It added that the Scheme authorizes the airline's chairman and managing director to pass an order whereby an employee could be sent on leave for six months or for a period of two years extendable up to five years, depending upon factors like suitability, efficiency, competence, quality of performance, health of the employee, redundancy, etc.

The airline's regional heads and departmental leaders have been asked to forward a list of employees for compulsory LWP by 15 August.

Air India has over 11,000 permanent employees on its rolls, which include staff from its subsidiary companies.