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As pune goes in lockdown, Tech Mahindra employees to stay in co. guest house

As the Maharashtra government imposed a 10-day lockdown in Pune from July 13 to July 23 to control the spread of COVID-19, which continued to increase in the region. The latest order allowed IT companies to work only at 15 percent capacity, while others can operate at 50 percent capacity., Tech Mahindra employees have been asked to move to co. guest house to stay there during the lockdown period as per media reports.

These employees primarily include those who are working on critical projects. There are alsoemployees whoseclients are yet to give permissionto work from home, said techies.

Tech Mahindra spokesperson said in a statement that less than 1 per cent employees are currently operating from offices for running critical engagements which cannot be moved to home.

In addition, the spokesperson said inthe statement, Given that some of our associates have to travel from or through containment zones, we have provided an option to stay at our guest house. Associates who are currently staying at our guest house have voluntarily opted to avoid the daily risk of travel.

Apart from Tech Mahindra, another top IT firm too has asked some of its employees to move to a hotel as the lockdown began in the city.An employee of the firm pointed out that the company has giventheman option to move to a hotel since the project they are working on could not get client permission.