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Manesar workers unions plant protest as salary cuts and job losses continue

Gurugram :Salary cuts and job losses continue in the auto industries in the Gurgaon and Manesar industrial belts in spite of production activities gearing up to the pre lockdown level, according to a report published in Times Of India.

The issue is contentious. While workers and trade unions allege that workers are being terminated from services, factories are claiming that they are facing shortage of labour.
Workers have now threatened to go on protest if the government doesnt intervene to save their jobs.

There are some auto parts manufacturing units who have not called back their workers on job after lock down was lifted and production activities restarted in some industries contractual workers in hundreds were not taken back. Some were not even paid salary during lock down.

In Dharuhera belt also manufacturing units contractors terminated hundreds of workers on the plea that there is no work left for them.Unions in this belt allege that factories are using the excuse of pandemic to cut workforce and replace them with either trainees or fixed term workers.

Haryana unit of AITUC has planned a protest on Tuesday and hand over memorandum to labour authorities seeking Govt. Intervention.

On the other hand, IMT Manesar industry association, said that since there is not much activity in the automotive sector right now, the companies have asked some people to rest. But as and when things get back to normal, all the workers will be called back. The unions must understand the situation and support the organisations instead of making an issue out of this.