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Capgemini terminates bench employees, labour authority issues notice

IT service provider Capgemini is now terminating bench employees in pune,Iindia who were benched since last two months and the reason is Covid pandemic according to areport published in Moneycontrol.

In a letter to the Pune Labour Commissioner , National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), a Maharashtra-based IT union, said the union has received complaints from employees about Capgemini putting people on the bench and forcing them to resign or terminating them.

Because of this, the pay and jobs of close to 300 employees are at risk, the statement added. Pune labour commissioner has asked Capgemini to meet them on July 13 to address the situation.

In IT sector world Bench employees mean those employees who are not on any project and sitting idle but still getting salary with the anticipation that in future they may be put on some project. But when there are no projects coming in, they are first in line to be terminated as redundant.

However, in a statement to Moneycontrol, the company said that the layoffs are performance related. At Capgemini, we have a robust performance management process. Performance-related reviews are likely to result in some employee exits which is a standard process across the industry. The bottom performers are given a couple of months to better their performance.

The company said even during COVID-19 they have gone ahead with the increments for employees, at the junior and senior level, starting April. Quantum of these increments, the company had said, was in high single digits.

This has been done as per plan and in line with our commitment to ensure market competitiveness across all grades. We continue to hire and onboard new employees and have on-boarded more than 9500 hires from January to date, the statement added.

However, the irony has not lost on the employees.So, on the one hand, the company is offering hikes and on the other, layoffs are happening, with the focus onthe middlemanagementlevel, pointed another senior employee.