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Domestic airlines further resort to salary cuts, leave without pay

Several domestic airlines, including IndiGo, Vistara have opted for fresh salary cuts for July in order to cut cost due to low demand and profits. Domestic Airlines resumed their services in a calibrated manner from May 25.

According to media reports , IndiGo wrote a mail to its pilots informing them of 5.5 days of leave without pay. With this, IndiGo extended the leave without pay (LWP) policy to 10 days, effective from July 1. Moreover, the co. also slashed salaries of under-training transition captains and transition first officers by over 45 per cent.

In May, IndiGo initiated 20-25 per cent pay cuts for senior staff, including pilots. It also started a graded leave-without-pay programme for all its employees until July.

Vistara announced a top-down 5-20 per cent pay cut of 40 per cent of its staff from July onwards. On May 5, Vistara announced that senior employees will have to go on compulsory leave without pay (LWP) for up to four days per month in May and June. The full-service airline sent the same set of senior employees on compulsory LWP for up to six days in April.

AirAsia Indiawould continue to cut its pilot salaries by 40 per cent. AirAsia India slashed pilot salaries by 40 per cent for the months of May and June. In April, senior management at AirAsia India underwent a 20 per cent pay cut, while executives in other categories received reduced salaries of 7-17 per cent.

GoAir has also decided to continue its ongoing scheme of leaves without pay for over 90 per cent of its staff in July as well.